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Advantages of waste heat boiler:

1) The heat exchange efficiency is up to 98%;

2) Small size, light weight and low investment;

3) Service life is more than 20 years;

4) The structure is designed to resist vibration and noise;

5) The minimum investment payback period is 4 months;

6) Easy installation, operation and maintenance;

7) Safe, reliable operation and wide temperature range.

Product parameter for reference (Boiler customization available):

1Operating pressure1.0MPa
2Design pressure1.1MPa
3Operating temperature(inlet/outlet) ºC60/184ºC
4Design temperature200ºC
5Hydraulic test pressure1.4MPa
6Maximum dimension: length ×diameter2885×Φ1525 (mm)

KNLW Waste Heat Boilers for 500KW Generator Set