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1000kW Gas Engines Fire Tube Exhaust Gas Boiler


We are a manufacturer in the design and supply of exhaust gas boilers that help to recover heat from the flue gases of oil/gas-generating sets to produce steam, hot water or thermic fluid.


KNLW exhaust gas boiler is the high efficient energy saving equipment specially designed for waste heat recovery of the oil gas generator sets. The boiler adopts screwed tube as heat transfer enhanced components, special processed with thread line in tube. The flue gas will rotate to strengthen the heat transfer when it through the tube, so that the boiler heating area can be reduced, the dimensions and weight can be decreased. The exhaust boiler is characterized by simple structure, high heat efficiency, long working life, safe and reliable, maintenance friendly.

Composition of Exhaust Gas Boiler: 

1.Inlet smoke box, 

2.Outlet smoke box, 

3.Threaded pipes, 

4.Smoke returning chamber 


The threaded tube exhaust gas boiler is fully welded. The threaded tube is welded to the tube sheet, and the tube sheet is welded with the drum to form a closed space. The drum is equipped with many accessories necessary for the boiler. Since the flow of flue gas in the pipe is double pass, the inlet and outlet boxes are at the same end of the boiler, and the necessary man holes are equipped on the smoke box for inspection and water washing. Insulation material is additionally provided on the outside of the drum to reduce heat loss. The outside of the insulation material is galvanized steel plate to protect the insulation material from damage.


1.Highly reliable in operation and robust in construction.

2.Quick Payback Returns are achieved.

3.One time investment with lifetime returns.

4.No combustion, No emission hence Eco-friendly.

5.Energy being put to use, which was getting wasted anyway.

Exhaust Gas Boiler Capacity :

Exhaust gas boiler (EGB) are offered in tailor-made capacities as per


Auxiliary oil heating, tank farm heating, line tracing

Steam/hot water for industrial chilling

Power Generation

Process heating

Combined Cycle

1000kW Gas Engines Fire Tube Exhaust Gas Boiler

Technical Data

Waste Heat Boiler Parameter List-Qingdao Kaineng Boiler Manufacture.xlsx