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Pin Fin Tube

Description of Pin Fin Tubes:

The pin tube is an enhanced heat exchange element (Patent No.:ZL201120326484.0) developed by our company. The pin tube is equally welded on the surface of the steel pipe by the pin tube automatic welding machine. Pin fin tube is widely used in various stationary and marine boilers and high-viscosity oil products (such as crude oil, heavy oil, etc.) heat transfer places. We can provide product certificates of many classification societies, such as America ABS, France BV, China CCS, Britain LR and Norway DNV.

The advantages of Pin Fin Tube:

1. High manufacturing accuracy and small processing error

2. Can be customized, mass production, short production period.

3. Various materials can be processed

4. Multiple test, excellent quality

5. High cost performance

ProductPin Tube
ApplicationWidely used for marine boiler, heat exchanger, stationary boiler, condenser, economizer and other parts of heat industry.
Material of base pipeCarbon steel, Alloy steel and Stainless
Material of pinsCarbon steel
Type of base pipeSeamless steel pipe
Type of finsPin fin Type
OD of Base pipes≥38mm
THK of base pipes≥3mm
Height of pins≥12mm
OD of pins6.0mm
Pitch of pins≥11mm
Length of blank areaaccording to Customer's request.
Length of Pin tubesaccording to Customer's request.

Pin Fin Tubes