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Description of Waste Heat Boiler:

Our company has realized the application of pin tube (Patent No.:ZL201120326471.3) enhanced heat transfer element in the waste heat boiler of the ore-heating furnace through the sampling analysis of the ash sample and the flow field experiment according to the characteristics of the silicon powder contained in the flue gas of the silicon series ore-heating furnace.

The waste heat boiler was approved by the National Science and Technology Innovation Fund of the Ministry of Science and Technology in June 2011, and passed the acceptance in April 2014. It indicates that the application of pin tube waste heat boiler products in silicon series ore-heating furnace has made a great breakthrough. Since the boiler was launched on the market, it has been highly praised by users.

Advantages of waste heat boiler:

1. In-line arrangement with strong self-cleaning function.

2. Adopting pin tube to extend the heating surface, the steel consumption is low, and the equipment is light in weight.

3. Modular structure, less site installation workload, short construction cycle and low cost.

4. Vertical structure, small installation space and low investment cost.

5. Low investment cost and high cost performance compared with the waste heat boilers with the same evaporation

Waste Heat Boiler For Ore-heating Furnace