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Exhaust gas heat recovery system after HFO engines for purpose of superheated steam or superheated steam generation for combined cycle power application or power plants self-demand use. The exhaust gas boiler system is composed of flue gas system, exhaust gas boiler body and boiler local control device and related auxiliary equipment.

A exhaust gas boiler is a type of boiler that utilizes the excess heat generated from an industrial process or power plant to produce steam or hot water. In the oil and gas industry, waste heat boilers are often used to recover the heat from gas turbine exhaust or exhaust gases from other industrial processes. The recovered heat is used to generate steam or hot water, which can be used for various purposes such as heating, power generation, or process use.

Advantages of Exhaust Gas Boiler

1. Custom design and manufacture HRSG for gas turbines from 1MW to 40 MW.

2. Factory assembled natural circulation water tube designs.

3. Single or multiple boiler pressure designs.

4. Boiler design features to accommodate high cycling operation.

5. Integrated SCR systems for single source responsibility.

6. Feed-water and condensate heaters for maximum heat recovery.

Application Area

Power Generation

Process heating

Combined Cycle

About Us

Kaineng is a manufacturer in the design and supply of exhaust gas boilers that help to recover heat from the flue gases of oil/gas-generating sets to produce steam, hot water or thermic fluid. Kaineng Technology is specialized in producing pin tube, H fin tube, exhaust gas boiler and so on energy saving and environmental protection equipment for 20 years, with more than 230 employees, including 50 engineers. We sell our high end products to all over the world. Welcome to contact us.

Please Download Technical Parameter List For Inquiry of Waste Heat Boiler

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