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Description of Double H Finned Tube:

H- finned tube is an enhanced heat exchange element developed by our company (Patent No.: ZL201120326508.2), they are using for various stationary boilers and marine boilers. Our company has Chinese class A boiler manufacture license, and also has obtained different countries’ manufacturer certification, such as America ABS, France BV, Britain LR,Norway DNV & GL and China CCS manufacturer certification. 

Advantages of Double H Finned Tube:

1. The welding fusion rate is as high as 98%.

2. High manufacturing accuracy and small error

3. Customization and mass production available, with short construction period.

4. Various materials can be processed

5. Multiple tests, excellent quality

6. High cost performance

Application of Double H Fin Tubes:

Waste heat boiler tube;

Economizer tube;

Power station boiler tube;

Marine boiler tube;

Heat exchanger

H Finned Tubes

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