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HRSG Boilers For Gas Turbines

HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator) boilers are specialized types of boilers that are used in combined cycle power plants. These boilers are designed to recover the waste heat that is generated by a gas turbine, and use it to produce steam for use in a steam turbine. The steam produced by the HRSG boiler is used to generate additional electricity, making combined cycle power plants a highly efficient method of generating electricity.

HRSG boilers consist of a series of tubes and pipes through which hot gases from the gas turbine flow. The tubes and pipes are arranged in a serpentine pattern to maximize the surface area for heat transfer. As the gases pass through the tubes and pipes, they transfer their heat to the water or steam that is circulating within the boiler. This heat is used to generate steam, which is then used to power the steam turbine.

HRSG boilers are typically large, complex systems that require careful design and maintenance in order to operate effectively. They are used in a variety of industries, including power generation, oil and gas, and chemical processing.


1. Custom engineered waste heat boiler HRSG for gas turbines from 1MW to 40 MW.

2. Factory assembled natural circulation water tube designs.

3. Single or multiple boiler pressure designs.

4. Boiler design features to accommodate high cycling operation.

5. Feed-water and condensate heaters for maximum heat recovery.

Advantages of HRSG Boilers

1. The heat exchange efficiency is up to 98%;

2. Small size, light weight and low investment;

3. Service life is more than 20 years;

4. The structure is designed to resist vibration and noise;

5. The minimum investment payback period is 12~24 months;

6. Complete shop assembly to minimize installation cost;

7. Easy operation and maintenance.

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HRSG Boilers For Gas Turbines


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