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Description of spiral fin tube:

The spiral finned tube can increase the heat exchanging efficiency, It's usually to extend the surface area (or internal surface area) by adding fins onto a tube,  which through this manufacturing process,  would greatly improve and upgrade the heat transferring efficiency of heating tube.

Features of spiral fin tube:

Spiral Finned Tube /Serrated Finned   Tube
widely used for Heat exchanger, Air-conditioner, Refrigerator,   Economizer and other parts of Heat Industry.
Material of base pipe
Carbon steel, Alloy steel, Stainless
Material of fins
Carbon steel, Alloy steel,   Aluminium Stainless
Type of base pipe
Seamless steel pipe
Type of fins
Solid round, serrated round
OD of base pipes
WT of base pipes
Height of fins
≤ OD/2                                   
WT of fins
Pitch of fins
Length of blank area
According to customer's request.
Length of fin tubes
According to customer's request.

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